Oh, Darling!

Matthew Goldman - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Leigh McLaughlin - Guitar, Vocals
Mitch Trachter - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Harrison Forsyth - Drums

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booking/contact - ohdarlingmatt@gmail.com

New Sounds!

Our bandcamp has a new section, New Sounds.  We are going to be posting our jam room recordings and new tunes here.

We recorded a tune inspired by our friend Ian Bentley at band practice tonight and you can find it by clicking here.

Hope to see you all out at Parts and Labour on Friday!  


Happy Lupercalia!

Did you know that our ‘Valentine’s day’ falls on the same day as the ancient Roman festival of the Lupercalia? 

Goats and a  dog (usually a wolf) were sacrificed in the Luprical cave where Romulus and Remus were nursed by a she-wolf. The blood was smeared with a knife onto the faces of youths (after which they were obliged to laugh) and they would be wiped down with milk soaked wool. 

THEN! The Luperci (the people in charge of the ritual) would run around naked while attacking bystanders, mostly women, with goat-skin thongs! 

This festival has nothing to do with expressing your affection to the ones you love. However, it was culturally significant for the Romans in terms of promoting fertility and celebrating Rome’s foundation myths. Pretty cool huh? 

If you ask me, I much prefer the Lupercalia to Valentine’s day. But that’s just me. What does everyone else think?

(Description courtesy of the all powerful Oxford Classical Dictionary)

- Harrison

New poster for our show on the 18th at The Shop under Parts and Labour!  Thank you Graham Ruddy!

New poster for our show on the 18th at The Shop under Parts and Labour!  Thank you Graham Ruddy!

Bonus tracks on October EP bandcamp download!

Before Oh, Darling! was a full band, it was just Matthew Goldman and Leigh McLaughlin. 

Using the built in mic on a Macbook pro, and extensive use of the “epic diva” setting on Garageband, these songs were recorded in Matt’s basement during early 2010. 

Many of the songs ended up on the current incarnation of the October EP although in a much more refined form. 

These songs will be included with the digital download of the October EP making it almost a dual EP, October EP and October Lo-Fi EP.

Although we love the new recordings and we think they rock, the lo-fi versions have a certain charm and bounce that seems to get lost using proper recording equipment. 

With the addition of the low-fi songs, you are now getting 11 songs for $6!  I would say that’s pretty darn good!

As well, the lo-fi songs are available as FREE individual downloads although we have a limited bandwidth for those (200 downloads/month)

Click the bandcamp button on the top of our page or click here to visit our bandcamp.


Oh, Darling!

We do other things!

Although most of us here at Oh, Darling! spend most of our time fiddling around on instruments, some of us have other things going on in life.   For example, our very own Leigh McLaughlin will be displaying her art this Friday February 11th 2011 at Function 13 gallery in Kensington market. 

If you’ve never been to function 13 its a very neat little place. The front of the building acts as a bookstore, while the back is a fully functional gallery space! 

So come out and see Leigh McLaughlin exhibit her work with a few other Toronto area artists that are currently studying at OCAD.  

Everything Is Going To Be Alright, Right?


EP now available on Bandcamp!

The album is now available as a digital download for $6 at bandcamp.com 

Bandcamp will be replacing our myspace page so check there for new music as well!


Music Player

We’ve added a music player to our tumblr! 

Feel free to enjoy some of our music, feedback is always appreciated!

Show it to your friends, your dog, even your grandma!

Oh, Darling!

—Beach Cops

Beach Cops - Oh, Darling!

October EP

Oh, Darling!


Suzanne - Oh, Darling!

October EP